Professional OEM&ODM Service

TCENT SHOES is available to OEM and ODM for custom designs, materials, colors, logos and packaging. We offer the option of either opening a shoe last based on your own design or choosing from our existing constructions to save cost. Customize your shoes according to your requirements at wholesale prices with guaranteed quality.

Prototype Development

Prototype Development

This step of prototyping is critical to developing a new collection prior to manufacturing. Our development team will turn your designs and requirements into prototypes and real sample shoes that are ready for mass production. Material preparation, shoe last development, heel and sole creation, custom mold development for metal or rubber components, 2D pattern creation, hardware pieces, and embellishments are all part of the prototyping process.

Sample Confirmation

After the shoe last is done, we will make a shoe draft sample with leather or PU, just to try it on and check the structure. We will finish the final sample shoes with high-quality and correct materials after numerous testing processes. We will send samples to customers for approval prior to mass production. Samples can also be shown to wholesalers and retail buyers, and make reservations at trade shows or on your website and social media.

Sample Confirmation
Production Ready

Production Ready

After the customer confirms the shoe sample, we will prepare it for mass production. The manufacturing process consists of more than just shoe assembly. It consists of numerous phases, such as material and accessory procurement, shoe last production in all sizes, cutting dies, outsole molds and heel development, among several other steps that help set up the production line for your collection. It also includes lab testing, wear testing, quality control inspections, and packaging before the shoes are prepared for shipment.

The Process of Shoes Manufacturing

Six easy steps to making your shoes.

1. Shoe consultation: Contact us with your shoe design to start a shoe project.

2. Technical Package: Our design team will refine the technical specifications of your project for the best results.

3. Payment: Submit a deposit to start the production process.

4. Sampling: Check a physical sample of your shoe for approval.

5. Manufacture: Our factory mass-produces your shoes.

6. Shipment: Your order will be shipped worldwide after the production process is complete.

Each shoe takes hundreds of steps to make,

                                              We only show a few of them below.

produce process